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Transformation begins with changing the way you think, and removing the ”toxins” that have been preventing you from flourishing. Host Nicole L. Turner is a well-respected mindset coach, management consultant, best-selling author, and speaker. Nicole helps individuals and organizations take a proactive approach to self-improvement, which involves designing a desired future and determining the most effective ways to achieve that future state. Nicole isn‘t into the ”fluff”. Each episode will be honest and real, with one goal in mind, giving you something to think about.

Mindset Coach

Healthy Love

True healing requires true feeling. Here are a  few tips to help you sit with your pain:

  • First, you must acknowledge it
  • Identify your feelings tied to it
  • Don’t judge those feelings – silence your inner critic
  • Ask yourself, what are these feelings telling me?
  • Write it down - Writing your feelings down will help you better understand your feelings as well as confront those emotion
  • Let it goOnce you’ve allowed yourself to feel and understand your emotions, give yourself permission to let them go.
  • And if needed, seek help from a professional.

Ten ways to make peace a priority

  1. List three unrealistic expectations and let one of them go.
  2. Write down your top 3 greatest blessings in life.
  3. Give yourself permission to do nothing for a while.
  4. Place your hand over your heart and feel it beat. Be glad to be alive.
  5. Be grateful that you don’t always get what you want.
  6. Resolve to stop fixing other people.
  7. Decide to say no.
  8. Give yourself the freedom to admit when you’re wrong.
  9. Choose to live within your means.
  10. Focus on the present

“Prioritize your life, or someone else will.” -Greg McKeown

Are you betting on yourself or against yourself?

Every day we make decisions, and each decision, whether big or small, is forcing us to bet either on ourselves or against ourselves.

Betting on yourself makes you see opportunities everywhere

Betting on Yourself = Choosing Yourself

Betting on Yourself = Believing in Yourself

Betting on Yourself = Choosing What's Valuable to You

Betting on Yourself = Creating the Life You Want

Never be afraid of betting on yourself; it's the best risk you will ever take. Give yourself a chance to win big.

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