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Host Nicole L. Turner is a well-respected mindset coach. In her podcasts, Nicole discusses various topics to help you think differently. Your mindset is how you think and what you believe, and it’s actually the one running the show. Your mindset chooses what actions you take (or don’t) and what results you get (or won’t). You must master your mindset to build the life you want, and I am here to help you. https://www.nicolelturnercoaching.com/

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill
“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

“Prioritize your life, or someone else will.” -Greg McKeown

Are you betting on yourself or against yourself?

Every day we make decisions, and each decision, whether big or small, is forcing us to bet either on ourselves or against ourselves.

Betting on yourself makes you see opportunities everywhere

Betting on Yourself = Choosing Yourself

Betting on Yourself = Believing in Yourself

Betting on Yourself = Choosing What's Valuable to You

Betting on Yourself = Creating the Life You Want

Never be afraid of betting on yourself; it's the best risk you will ever take. Give yourself a chance to win big.


n the last year, I’ve been really focusing on self-care and self-love, and when I think about self-care and self-love, grace comes to mind.  We ask God for grace, we ask others to give us grace, but how often do we really give ourselves grace? Don’t you think it’s crazy that we are more apt to give grace to others than we are to ourselves. 

When you are having a very human experience, give yourself grace. I once read something that said, One of the best ways to bring more wellness into your life is by easing up on yourself. Giving yourself grace is the ultimate gift. Be kind to yourself.

I was watching something on TV and the guy said, “You can’t be both the arsonist and the firefighter.” I said to myself, oh that’s deep.  I began to ask myself, how do we try to take on that dual role in our lives. 

How many times have your actions, even if you had good intentions, set some things in motion that you regretted, you wished you hadn’t, in hindsight, there may have been a better way or different way to go about doing things. You have created a “mess” and now you are trying to find a way to right a wrong.

Ways to figure out your calling:

  1. Notice dreams and signs.
  2. Notice what captivates you.
  3. Journal on what your calling is.
  4. Use your values as a guide.
  5. Think about what you used to love.
  6. Notice what feels good.
  7. Pay attention to what keeps coming back.



Everything in life is a matter of timing, whether we recognize it or not. If you take a moment to review your life, you would probably find that the difference between some of your biggest successes and your biggest failures  has probably been timing.

I recently saw a quote that said, “Be thankful for your triggers for they show you where you are not free.”  Have you noticed how certain topics evoke in you a variety of emotions? On any given day, you probably experience a range of emotions —excitement, unease, frustration, joy, disappointment & these range of emotions are usually tied to a specific event.  An emotional trigger can be anything - memories, experiences, or events that sparks an intense emotional reaction, regardless of your current mood. Your response to these events can vary based on your frame of mind and the circumstances surrounding the situation. Emotional triggers are associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Knowing what your emotional triggers are (and how to deal with them) is a key component of good emotional health. 

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