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July 14, 2019  

Emotions Don’t Come with a Manual

July 14, 2019

Ask yourself, AM I EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE? Here are some ways to tell:


  1. You want to breakup whenever you hit a rough patch
  2. You don't want to talk about the future
  3. You don't involve your partner in your life. 
  4. You have self-centered behavior. 
  5. You avoid displays of affection. 
  6. The closer someone tries to get to you, the more you feel distant. 
  7. When your partner is direct about their feelings for you, it makes you feel unsure about everything
  8. You don't trust others because you don't trust yourself. 
  9. You're always trying to outsmart your own heart. 
  10. You look outside to others to show you love, but you don’t put much effort into showing love to others. 
  11. You're stuck on past relationships.
  12. You aren't willing to show your real self

Tips to help you become more emotionally available

  1. Go back to the beginning. Where did your emotional unavailability start? 
  2. Identify which emotions you try to avoid or shut out. 
  3. Work on your patterns. Write down a list of the positive and negative traits of past partners and your own past patterns. 
  4. Identify your relationship character.  Who do you become when you’re attracted to somebody, or you begin dating or are in a relationship? 
  5. Get conscious about your habits. 
  6. Make your partner’s needs and feelings equal to yours. 
  7. Make a decision about your current relationship. Either commit to showing up or commit to being done.
  8. Figure Out Your Biggest Fear: Face It or F’ It. 
  9. (Un) Learn (Re) Learn Communication. Most of us never learn how to properly communicate.
  10. Catch your negative self-talk and try to respond positively or at least realisticallyY
  11. Be patient with yourself and the process. 
  12. Come to terms with a particular loss 
  13. Stop the secret life.
  14. Be open to new experiences.
  15. Spend time around emotionally available people.
  16. Make time for your partner. Place your partner at the top of your priority list.