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October 4, 2019  

I Don’t Want to be Happy

October 4, 2019

Find your joy and happiness will follow

Tips to bring more joy into your life:


  1. Stop seeking perfection – stop trying to achieve it and stop expecting it from others.
  2. Be vulnerable – vulnerability increases your self-worth, it helps you build intimacy in your relationship & if you recall in last week’s podcast, I said real intimacy is not about the physical – In to me see – it’s allowing a person to see you and you seeing that other person – not just seeing with your eyes, but with your heart, with your soul.
  3. Stop comparing your life to others
  4. Stop waiting for something big to happen – appreciate the small moments and you will find that as each small moment is stacked on top of the other, you see this tall statue – hundreds of small moments have had a BIG positive impact and you would’ve missed them looking for something big.
  5. Write a thank you not to yourself. You say thank you to other people, but how many times do you say thank you to yourself?
  6. Hit the pause button – allow your mind to become quiet.
  7. Practice kindness. Do a good deed – help someone else
  8. Live in the moment
  9. Embrace your inner child
  10. Be one with nature
  11. Practice gratitude