Ways to know they are an asset:

  • You Are All Around Better Off Now Than You Were Before You Met.
  • Have you learned a lot as a result of the relationship?
  • You are better off financially
  • You’re healthier
  • Your energy is more positive
  • They respect your boundaries
  • They pour into you – they don’t just take, they also give

How do you know if a relationship is a liability?

  • They are energy vampires – when you are in their presence, they suck the positive/good energy out of the environment
  • There’s always drama with them – always drama in their life or they are always causing drama.
  • Everything is always about them. They consume the conversations with their life. When you’re hanging out, it’s all about what they want, where they want to go, what they want to eat, what attention they are getting
  • They are slick with the tongue – they put you down or insult you or throw shade but pass it off as just joking.
  • They compete with you – yes, this also happens in romantic relationships
  • They secretly copy you
  • They on the low, hate on you – they are your frenemy
  • They don’t respect your boundaries – often crossing them & get offended by the fact you have boundaries
  • They are super needy. They get offended if you are busy, don’t answer their call when they call or respond to their message ASAP – as if you don’t have a life, you are there for their every beckoning need or call.
  • You feel responsible for them. You stay in their life to be support them/have their back because their behavior is one that acts like they can’t function without your assistance.
  • You’re giving more than you get
  • You dread checking your phone
  • You don’t like who you are when you are around them
  • You know they talk shit about you. How do you know? Because when they talk to you, they talk shit about their other friends.
  • You can’t depend on them
  • You feel used
  • You question why you are even friends with them or in a relationship with them.
  • And last, you just don’t enjoy spending time with them.
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